Google spreadsheet

Google spreadsheet is to record information on. Today we used this program to compare  lots of different things, for example we put our foot length up there and we would compare that. People can use this program to present a poster or present whatever they want to present to whoever is in that spread sheet. I beleive 7E (my class) is much better and was better because we just are and because most of us went to Jamo.

Cyber safety

In Ilearn today we learnt a bit more about cyber safety. It has made me think twice about what photo’s I’m posting up on instagram and other things, although I don’t have facebook or Twitter. We watched three clips that have made me think twice about things. We learnt to keep all of our things like instagram private. We were told to keep it a private user. We also learnt 5 tips, those 5 tips were:

*Never post full names or locations

*Change your privacy settings so only your friends can see your profile

*Don’t post inappropriate pages that can be offensive

*Don’t like inappropriate pages

* Report fake profiles


In maths so far we are doing angles in triangles measuring what angles are in a triangle (which is 180 all together in every triangle) I am starting to really understand it a lot more which is good. Now it’s a bit more clearer to me.

Cyber safety

Today in Ilearn  we learnt about cyber safety. Well at least anything we didn’t know we learnt. We went to a website called cybernettrix, the site is  It was just about chatting to people you don’t know and meeting them face to face. Things like that, and getting bullied if you don’t keep all your passwords to yourself, you may lose friends if you do so. I learnt allot of things I didn’t actually know. Plus don’t send pics of yourself to someone you don’t know.

Bread boat

In food, we made a bread ship, is all we did with the bread was grill it until brown and crispy. We then put Cellery in the middle and used carrot for a sun. We put parsley on the sides of the bread using butter to stick it on. It turned out to be real yummy.

Smarties Statistics

In Ilearn we learnt about Microsoft Exel. I had 11 smarties in my packet. The most popular colour was Yellow. The average of smarties in a packet was 11.16. It was much easier to make Microsoft Excel do the work for you when you add up your answers. Every pack is different and not everyone had the same amount of smarties in their packet.

Multiple intelligences

In Ilearn today I learnt about multiple intelligences. Today I found out that I’m a Linguistic. (which is word smart) It said I was actually Interpersonal (which is people smart) but I think i’m word smart. (Linguistic) It was great to find out what I am with my multiple intelligences.

Google searching

Today in Ilearn we learnt about the right way to search google and the wrong way o do it. I learnt that if you make your sentence your typing in shorter and more affective it will make your search alot more affective and will pop up with whatever you wanted to find alot more easier. That’s what I learnt in Ilearn today! So a good search is when you use alot less and affective words, so pretty much just get rid of uneeded words, and a bad search would be if you wrote a big sentence with words you don’t really need to use.